Warwick Castle

I spent a week in Warwickshire, tagging along while my boyfriend attended a university course. After spending the weekend in Shakespeare’s Stratford, we stayed in Coventry for a few days. While A was at uni during the week, I had to entertain myself and decided visiting Warwick Castle would be a great way to spend the day.

The first thing I saw as I walked through the gate was a man, dressed as a knight, giving an archery demonstration. Incredible and instantly, much better than I was expecting. As I walked inside the Castle courtyard, medieval music played and small children wearing knight costumes from the gift shop scuttled about. I headed to the nearest entrance, into the exhibition showing Warwick Castle’s history as a stately home. It’s set up like a party is happening, with mannequins having conversations in every room. And the mannequins are good! They’re not old wonky waxworks and there’re few barrier ropes, so it all feels quite genuine.

I climbed the mount and saw the trebuchet (which was annoyingly, experiencing a technical malfunction the day I visited and not firing). The view was incredible and there was slight mist across the forest.

I walked down the mount and to the peacock garden, which is exactly what it sounds like. Took far too many photos of the peacocks, but it’s very hard not to pick up the camera when one presents his feathers.