Danielle and I arrived in Stockholm just hours after the terror attack on 7th April 2017. Public transport had been shut down, so we waited at the airport in a very long queue for a taxi. We eventually shared an Uber and arrived at our lodgings as night fell.

The next morning, we started our sight seeing by walking from our hotel in Hammerby to Gamla Stan, the historic old town. The walk took about 40 minutes, during which we chatted about everything and nothing, with stops at souvenir shops along the way. Souvenir game was strong, I’m so into Scandinavian souvenirs. The old town was gorgeous. So many cobbled streets, including Mårten Trotzigs gränd, the narrowest street in Stockholm.

Sunday morning, Danielle and I parted to explore different sights. I went to Skansen, an open-air museum, which was so great, it warrants its own post. I walked along the waterfront to catch the ferry, which reminded me a bit of Wellington’s waterfront.