South of France

The first thing I noticed when we arrived in France was the heat. Hot, sticky and thick. The fields were yellow and dusty, dry in the peak of the heat wave. I spent two and half weeks near Fayence, for work with the family I nanny for, splashing in the pool and eating frozen apple juice with the kids. Tough, right?

We stayed in a beautiful villa, perfect for a family holiday, but further from civilisation than I had expected. I thought my friend (our family friends’ nanny) and I would be able to explore the village in our time off, but it was too far along the windy rural roads. Initially, I was frustrated by this, but over time I came to appreciate that I was forced to relax. I read whole books in single days. I swam until I was bored of swimming. I ate soy vanilla custard for breakfast, out in the sunshine.


  • The bread museum in Fayence
  • Every souvenir adorned with olives, lavender, cicadas or cats
  • A day out to Cannes and very expensive diet cokes
  • Chipsters, baguettes and many a trip to Super U
  • 9 kids and 9 adults swimming in the pool at the same time
  • A lovely golden tan
  • Walking in the dark after my phone died and we no longer had google maps
  • Lying by the pool, stargazing on the final night and counting shooting stars

Perhaps we’ll meet again, Fayence… Perhaps…