Danielle and I met in August 2015 through a vegan Facebook group. Both New Zealanders, nannies, and vegans living in South West London, we had a lot in common and became friends quickly. Danielle introduced me to Bex in November 2015, over a long lunch at Tibits, just off Regent Street in London. We spoke for hours  and it felt like we’d been friends for years. We met Nuria a few months later and soon enough, these three became my ‘vegang’, my gang of vegan friends.

Lately, I’ve felt a bit smothered by London. Like work and life is just so all-encompassing that I need a little space to breathe. There’s a lot going on.  This year, a lot is changing for my friends and we’re desperate to squeeze in as much time together as possible before we’re all in other parts of the globe. Nuria, Danielle and I spent the weekend at Bex’s family home in Salisbury and it was the perfect remedy for fast London life.

We arrived on Friday night, on a packed train from Clapham Junction, to a wonderful meal prepared by Bex’s mum. Instantly, we relaxed, sipping on rosé and carefully relocating spiders out windows. The next morning, we headed towards the cathedral and snapped some friendship photos. We also explored the local market and health food shop. Unfortunately, at this point, Danielle had to leave us to return to London for work. After dropping her at the station, we returned to the cathedral and took our seats inside to watch a rehearsal of that night’s concert (Bex’s mum plays the violin!). It was so magical hearing live music in a venue like that!

We returned to Bex’s house and had lunch, conversing late into the afternoon and eating so many brownies. Our evening finished with a terrible film, a brilliant dinner and many, many laughs. Our weekend in Salisbury was so wonderfully slow and quiet, and just what I needed.

Deep breath.

And back to London.