Rock of Cashel & Blarney Castle

img_9113-1.jpgimg_9219-1.jpgTo help me see more of Ireland, I booked a day trip to Cork. The tour left from the centre of Dublin and included stops at the Rock of Cashel and Blarney Castle.

Unfortunately, the cathedral space at the Rock of Cashel was covered in scaffolding as restoration took place. Didn’t make for very picturesque photos, so I avoided getting it in shot.

img_9043.jpgimg_9205-1.jpg img_9011.jpg img_9215-1.jpg img_9052.jpg img_9224-1.jpgimg_9064.jpg img_9208-1.jpgThe next stop was the city of Cork. No photos because it was horrible weather and all I did was nip into Tesco to buy bagels. I’d love to return and actually explore Cork, for I’m told it’s wonderful.

  img_9235.jpgimg_9240.jpgBlarney Castle was the highlight of the day. We arrived in the light drizzle, the clouds adding to the castle’s mystic look. The castle looks like something from a fairy tale, with enchanting gardens and stony turrets. Inside,  I climbed the slippery steps, worn smooth by the millions who had come before me, to kiss the Blarney Stone. I didn’t realise it was quite so precarious!  img_9088.jpg img_9111.jpgThe whole thing is obviously set up for tourists, with one man operating the fixed camera and handing out receipts to buy the official photo at the gift shop. I didn’t bother, for it was pretty steep at €10 and no doubt pretty unflattering! Nor did I bother with the “official certificate”.

img_9095-2.jpg img_9098-1.jpgAfter a good wander through the Poison Garden and the castle grounds, I went across the road to the Blarney Woollen Mills. Really just a massive gift shop, nothing to report.