Tessa had been travelling Europe since the start of June and I had a week of annual leave to make the most of. Neither of us had been before, so we decided to spend a week exploring a few Greek islands. Our adventure began in Mykonos, which has a reputation as the party island. My taxi driver from the airport told me to relax, enjoy myself and stay out till 7:00am, which sounds really unrelaxing to me. I arrived first and waited for Tessa next to our hotel pool, in the sun, amongst the bright pink blossoms.

Tessa arrived an hour later (she’d been in Athens) and we dove straight into the pool. We practiced synchronised swimming routines for while before we set off to the local shop for supplies. We were staying a 10 minute drive from the town, so we saw what Mykonos was like outside the white cobbled streets. Google maps took us along a back road, so we got to see the bits of Mykonos that are left off the postcards. Old cars, piles of junk and dead grass. Had to stop for a photo next to a plastic bag stuck on gorse.

That evening, we caught a taxi into the town and got lost in the white cobbled streets. It was funny to see the cobbles are often just painted on with white paint atop grey stones. We made it to the water’s edge to watch the sunset, which would be the first of many spectacular Greek sunsets that week.

Our morning began with another dip in our hotel pool, then an afternoon in the town. We stopped for plenty of photos, but I don’t think the camera really captures how beautiful it was. We were a bit surprised to see cactus, I’m not sure why but it hadn’t crossed our minds that Greek islands might grow cactus.

My outfit is a vintage floral playsuit I got for £7 at a charity shop. I almost didn’t buy it because I couldn’t work out the front fastening when I first tried it on. I’m so happy I went back for it, it was perfect for the hot weather but still protected my shoulders from sunburn. Pretty, yet practical.

We watched our final sunset on Mykonos with mojito ice lollies in hand. Despite the beautiful streets and little boutiques, Mykonos had been a bit frustrating for us. Our accommodation wasn’t in the town so we had to pay 15 euros for a taxi each way. We couldn’t walk, for there was no footpath next to the road. We wanted to hire a quad bike, but found the other drivers and roads too dangerous. There were so many tourists, the streets were busy and crowded, and we hadn’t found many vegan options. We’d been a bit shocked to see how unsightly the rest of the island was, with piles of metal junk in fields and sheep with their legs tied so they couldn’t jump the low fences. I think two nights in Mykonos had been enough and as we watched our final sunset, we were ready for what Naxos would bring.