img_9288.jpgimg_9315-1.jpgimg_9291-1.jpg img_9297-1.jpg img_9292-1.jpg img_9304-1.jpg img_9397.jpg img_9396.jpg img_9380.jpgimg_9385-1.jpg img_9386.jpg To the untrained eye, Mullingar is just another small town an hour out of Dublin. You’d be forgiven for completely missing it. However, in the world of One Direction, Mullingar is a DESTINATION. It’s the town Niall was born and raised in and many a fan makes a pilgrimage to see the little town that grew such a sweet prince. Myself included.

I stayed at the Greville Arms, a hotel right in the middle of town. Opposite the reception desk, they have 2 of Niall’s Brit awards and other memorabilia on display. His interviews for their movie This is Us were shot on location at the hotel and I’m told his mother and grandma frequent the restaurant. The lady at reception even offered to call my room if she saw them. I think there’s also talk of a Niall Horan Museum in the works.

I’ll admit there’s not a lot to do in Mullingar. I looked at the shops, went to Tesco and walked up and down the main street several times, before retiring to the hotel for a bath.