London Loop

img_8332.jpegimg_8334.jpegWhat a way to spend a Sunday! Danielle and I set off to walk section 17 of the London Loop last weekend. We started at Cockfosters with a walking tour, who we stuck with for about an hour before we broke free.

Man, it was muddy. We knew we’d be crossing fields and grass, but did not anticipate the sloshy ankle deep mud. After the initial squelching (in which we saw one lady fall on her butt and another lose her shoe), we thought we were all clear, but it just kept coming! The worst was the stretch where the above photo was taken, a little path running alongside a field of crops. Very picturesque, but I spent the whole time watching my feet to make sure I didn’t end up taking a mud bath. Or drop my phone in it.

The track continued in much the same way, through Enfield, which I think is where some of my ancestors lived as silk weavers. A rather humble profession, but they then relocated for the bright lights of Croydon and Bethnal Green. I’m not surprised, as the transport links out there are a bit sparse. It’s neat to see these little pockets of London though and know I have family history in so many places. Danielle and I talked about mud, future trips we want to take, schooling in New Zealand, mud and vegan food (mud, ha) as we walked.

After we finally finished the walk, we caught the train back from Turkey Street, zone 6 (I know, we were only just still in London) and ended up in Brixton for a well deserved coffee and a cupcake. Saw the David Bowie memorial mural, still heavily adorned with flowers.

Now we’ve done section 17, there’s only 23 more sections of the London Loop left! (That was meant to be a joke, but TFL do actually have a certificate on their website you can download if you complete all 245km of the track and I wouldn’t mind earning that for a laugh.)