Goodbye Twenty Sixteen


2016 began in a bar in Brixton, with two of my best friends. It began with hope and excitement and promises of making this OUR YEAR. YES! The reality was I watched About Time six times in one week and never felt so single. I went to Edinburgh with Danielle and we walked down Arthur’s Seat in the snow.


February was a bleak month of nothing as the buzz of a new year wore off. We embarrassed ourselves at vegan drinks and then had to go to Cambridge very early and very hungover the next morning.


I took myself to Ireland for a week in March, in need of a break from work and London and to see some scenery. A perfect week listening to Irish pub songs, looking at castles and eating bagels.


April was for concerts, three shows at the O2 in a week. April was for celebrating my first year in London, with a beautiful dinner and vegan ice cream. And with the conclusion of my first year, came hopes for my second. 


The days got longer and summer edged closer. Danielle and I visited Bristol for Vegfest, played in a cave and climbed a tower. We spent a bank holiday walking London’s riverside and doing cartwheels.


We went to Belfast in June. We also went to Amsterdam, my first trip to the continent. Took a pedal boat out on the canal and felt really happy.


The first weekend of July was spent at the beach, eating hot chips and swimming in our clothes. A few weeks later, we went to vegan camp and with that came an unexpected introduction. And a sunrise.


I think August was my favourite month of 2016. I spent the first week in Cornwall, dreamy St Ives and sunny Penzance, then returned to London for a month of new dates and getting-to-know-yous.


August stretched into September. The dates continued and he became my boyfriend. The two kids I look after reached milestones, the baby turned one and the kid started school.


The leaves turned and summer slipped away. Danielle and I visited Copenhagen. To celebrate living in London for 18 months, I saw Wicked in the West End. And went to Brighton and won a sloth at the arcade.


November began with Bastille at the O2 and ended with a surprise birthday trip to see Book of Mormon. There wasn’t much in between as the nights drew in and the days got colder.


I celebrated my 23rd birthday, surrounded by friends and my “bramily”, my British family. Danielle and I went to Berlin and visited the Christmas markets. On Christmas Day, I got to see my bramily, my bestie and my boyfriend and everything felt right. 2016 was pretty great and I can only hope 2017 will measure up.