Edinburgh in Summer

View of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle

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After Glencoe, I was off to Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. Nice to be back in a bustling city after all that peace and serenity. Already feeling a touch homesick for my country from Glencoe, I found Edinburgh to be very much like my hometown. What I miss most about living in Wellington, is the hills. London is so vast and flat, I miss being able to look out over the city. Luckily, Edinburgh is like a Scottish Wellington. Hilly, with lots of tiny passageways and a harbour in the distance. And such beautiful architecture, I love the cobbled streets of the Old Town. I visited in early August, when the Fringe Festival was in full swing, which unfortunately made accomodation more expensive. Edinburgh was much busier than Glasgow had been, full of tourists and locals eager for the fun the festival brought. The city was heaving with theatre-goers and I saw a show every night I was there.FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender-18

I did a free walking tour, which took me through graveyards and down alleys, each with their own little tales to tell. My best memory of Edinburgh is the alleyways, the stairs and the stones and the stories. I ended up doing a tour of the castle on the same day with the same company, as I found it much more enjoyable being shown around. It was brilliant being part of a tour group going into the castle because we were told extra stories and shown little hidden secrets, that I would have missed had I gone by myself. The castle offered the best views of the city, and on such a blue day!

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The rest of my time in Edinburgh was spent ambling up and down the hills and in and out of souvenir shops. I took myself to brunch and through craft markets. Up and the down The Royal Mile until my feet were sore. I hope I can see Edinburgh many more times while I’m in Europe, it is such a sweet city. After all the chaos of the Fringe and big city life, it was time to set sail to Shetland to conclude my trip.