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Danielle and I rolled into Bristol at midday on a Friday. Our main incentive was VegFest, but we were also keen to see what else Bristol had to offer. After stopping for lunch at Roll for the Soul, our first stop was Cabot Tower to see the view of Bristol City. The steps were steep and narrow, winding and winding up the narrow structure, but we made it!

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Danielle was convinced this squirrel was about to attack me, but I knew it was just playing up for the camera.

After Cabot Tower, we wandered through Clifton Village and Clifton Arcade. The Arcade had a few tiny little independent shops and boutiques. It was a pleasant stroll, although my shoes were rubbing and causing blisters, but I only complained a few times about that. Honest.

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img_1704.jpgOur next destination was Clifton Observatory, right next to the suspension bridge across the Avon Gorge. They have a camera obscura there, which is like a vintage livestream of the world outside the tiny darkened room. I’d not seen one before, it’s an amazing idea considering how old it is.

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Perhaps the highlight though, was Giant’s Cave, a cave halfway down the cliff face with a special viewing platform. To get there, we had to shimmy down a little cave staircase, in a hobgoblin-y fashion. We had the cave to ourselves for about 20 minutes, so we had a good long laugh taking goblin photos. Climbing back up was a bit of a task, but worth it for the amazing view of the suspension bridge and the Avon Gorge.

img_1492-1.jpgThe next day was VegFest. We had a look at St Nicholas Markets first, where I had the best almond milk hot chocolate of my life, then headed to the venue. Danielle and I have been to both London and Brighton VegFests before, so we pretty much knew what to expect. Unlike London and Brighton though, Bristol’s was set outside in big marquees. At times, it was so packed it was hard to move, but there was lots of space amongst the food stalls in the open courtyard.

The food was amazing, I ate sushi and waffles and hot chips and so many free samples. My favourite find of the day was Harper’s Candles, we spent so long smelling every single candle because we couldn’t pick favourites.

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